The Most Common Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

Almost everybody heard of Viagra. But have you heard of sildenafil citrate? Well, as matter of fact, it’s pretty much the same. Sildenafil citrate is actually the generic name of the super popular drug used for treatment of erectile dysfunction in men.

The drug works as a phosphodiesterase type-5 inhibitor, preventing the function of the chemical in the body. This causes blood vessels to broaden, thus improving the flow of blood to the penis during sexual stimulation. As a result, one is able to get a firm erection and maintain it for longer.

Sildenafil is commonly available in a tablet form for oral administration. However, some manufacturers produce the drug in the form of jelly and even liquid. The dosage of tablets ranges from 25mg to 100mg per tablet and will depend on the severity of erectile dysfunction one suffers from. Other factors such as age and overall health condition may also influence the dosage in a given case.

Viagra was really the first to use sildenafil citrate for erectile dysfunction treatment. However, nowadays there are dozens of drugs with sildenafil citrate being the main active ingredient. In fact, almost all large pharmaceutical companies produce this drug under different names. For example, the Indian pharmaceutical giant Cipla manufactures its own sildenafil-based drug called Suhagra.

Sildenafil is estimated to take effect after at least 30 minutes of taking the pill. The duration of the effect may vary from person to person, but it usually lasts up to 5 hours. In addition to the pill taken, some form of sexual stimulation is necessary, as the drug alone will not result in an erection. There are also factors that may have an influence on the effect and its duration. These include diet (the pill taken on an empty stomach starts to work faster), use of alcohol, age and overall health of the user, and dosage.

Sildenafil is known to have some common side effects that are actually associated with all PDE5 inhibitors. Some men can experience headaches, dizziness, indigestion, blurred vision and a blocked nose.

One should never exceed the recommended dose – which is no more than one pill a day regardless of its dosage – to avoid complications and severe side effects. If you’re going to use sildenafil for the first time, you’re recommended to consult the doctor. Unfortunately, a lot of men are too embarrassed of their delicate problem to discuss it even with doctors, so they just purchase the drug in online stores where no prescription is required. If you’re one of these men, at least read carefully all the instructions of the manufacturer and follow them strictly.